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Do The Right Thing


By working with RIOS™ certified recycling facilities, you share in and reward that company’s commitment to healthy, safe and sustainable recycling.  When you collect recyclables, it is imperative that your material is contributing positively to the environment and to your community. The requirements placed on a facility that has implemented a RIOS™ QEHS management give you the confidence to know that you are accomplishing these goals.

As part of the RIOS™ QEHS management system implementation process, facilities must thoroughly consider all of the possible risks and impacts that their facilities have on both health and safety, as well as the environment. They must then put together robust controls, procedures, and training mechanisms to diminish or eliminate those potential areas of concern.

Whether you are looking for a facility that will recycle or refurbish an old laptop, or for a long-term, high-volume contract with a scrap yard for demolition scrap, it is more important than ever that the health and safety of the workers at your recycler, and the impact on the environment is part of your vendor selection process.