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RIOS™ Certification Provides Value


If your company supplies recyclable material to a recycling facility, or if you buy processed material from a recycling facility, RIOS™ certification should be a key consideration in your vendor selection process. Not only are you doing the right thing by supporting and rewarding facilities that have invested in the health and safety of their employees, and actively care for the well-being of the environment, but you are providing yourself with assurances around the processing of material.

Protect Yourself

When supplying material to a recycling facility, companies want assurances to know that they are not contributing to environmental degradation, or to unsafe working conditions. RIOS™ certified facilities can provide those assurances. Whether building protections against Superfund liability into their management system, or simply identifying and improving potential safety hazards, these facilities have made great effort to ensure that your material is, in fact, being handled properly, safely and in an environmentally sound way. In a world where information travels instantaneously around the globe, it is imperative that your recycler is handling your material in a way that is protecting your company or organization’s reputation.

Quality Matters

When buying material from a RIOS™ certified recycler, you can be sure that the material has gone through a well-vetted, consistent process that yields high quality material that you can trust. RIOS™ certified companies report substantial decreases in returns or non-conforming material. This saves mills, end-processors, and smelters from having to deal with the aggravation and cost of either returning or using off-spec material that is not ideally suited to their operation.

Using RIOS™ certified recycling facilities is a decision that will have positive economic impact on your company, it will provide you with the necessary assurances that you are contributing positively to the community and the environment, and you are helping to strengthen the recycling industry for decades to come.

For more information about the RIOS™ certification program, and how you can actively support the continued emergence of a healthy, safe and sustainable recycling industry, please contact RIOS™ Director Darrell Kendall on 202-662-8528 or