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Benefits of Certification


Choosing to pursue RIOS™ certification is an investment in your facility that will pay dividends for years to come. As an integrated standard, RIOS™ will have a positive impact across many areas within the facility. In addition to the very tangible improvements listed below, RIOS™ certification makes a facility significantly more marketable to suppliers and consumers, it strengthens the facilities relationships with all of its partners and stakeholders, and it makes the facility a stronger member of the community.

Specific benefits resulting from the implementation of a RIOS™ management system:

Health and Safety:

  • Through the RIOS™ process a facility will evaluate all areas of the operation for potential safety hazards, and make necessary procedural and engineering changes to decrease the likelihood and severity of a safety incident.
  • Facilities will systematically monitor their training programs to ensure that all employees are adequately and regularly trained to perform their duties in a healthy and safe manor.
  • Employees will have a stake in their work environment. They will have the ability to report near misses, propose new ideas, and contribute to the development of a safe workplace.
  • The RIOS™ management system provides the facility a framework to monitor OSHA regulations and ensure compliance on a regular basis. This results not only in a safer workplace, but in the elimination of visits and fines from the regulating authorities.


  • RIOS™ facilities conduct a thorough review of their environmental impacts. This includes considerations of noise, air, and water pollution, as well as energy consumption, and positive impacts like generation of recyclables.
  • The RIOS™ management system creates a framework for facilities to monitor and ensure compliance with all jurisdictional environmental regulations. When done correctly, this helps protect a facility from getting fined, or facing litigation for non-compliance.
  • Having a completed the voluntary RIOS™ certification, and implementing an environmental management system provides the facility with an opportunity to market themselves as good neighbors that care for the well-being of their community.


  • Having a certified quality management system is a great asset to your stakeholders. Whether upstream or downstream, your customers and suppliers are looking for consistent, accurate, and high-quality products and experiences. By evaluating your operations, producing auditable procedures, and customer requirements the facility is better able to serve its stakeholders.
  • RIOS™ requires a facility to consider the way it communicates with all of its stakeholders. Whether managing the inflow of material, or ensuring that local emergency responders understand the nuances of a recycling facility, having plans for disseminating information effectively improves the facilities relationships with its stakeholders.