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The RIOS™ Standard


The RIOS™ Standard is the document that provides the framework and the rules for RIOS™ certification. Each section of the standard outlines specific requirements that a facility must meet in order to pass their audit and become certified. The RIOS™ standard is designed so that each requirement works seamlessly with the others to foster healthy, safe, sustainable recycling, along with consistent and high-quality production of material. Through a plan-do-check-act model, a wholly implemented RIOS™ management system will naturally and effectively create continual improvement in each of the key areas, leading to a stronger, more efficient facility year over year.

Examples of Key Requirements in the RIOS™ Standard include:

  • The RIOS™ Footprint- Evaluations of Risks and Impacts
  • Development of Goals
  • Communication Procedures (Internal, External, with customers, etc)
  • Procedures for Effectively Managing Documented Information
  • Development and Implementation of Operational Controls
The RIOS™ standard is included as part of the annual RIOS™ membership. The RIOS™ Standard is also available as a standalone copy for auditors, consultants and other interested parties. Contact us for more information.