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RIOS™ Membership Application



RIOS™ membership grants each enrolled facility a license to use one copy of the Recycling Industry Operating Standard™ (RIOS™), RIOS™ Implementation Guide, and other RIOS™ materials developed for the benefit of RIOS™ members (henceforth, “RIOS™ Documents”; also henceforth, “™” is omitted from “RIOS™” for clarity).  As RIOS™ member facilities, your facilities are entitled to the latest versions of RIOS™ Documents, basic RIOS™ assistance, and access to RIOS™ training.

Obtaining RIOS™ membership for your facility(ies) involves completing a RIOS™ Membership Application Form, submitting applicable initial RIOS™ membership fees in U.S. dollars (no other currency accepted), and returning a signed specific RIOS™ Member License Agreement.  To start, submit your completed application form with applicable initial RIOS™ membership fees as instructed.  Review, sign, and return a copy of the (signed) License Agreement provided by ISRI Services Corporation (ISC) as instructed.  Upon ISC’s receipt of your signed License Agreement and applicable initial RIOS membership fees (in US dollars), your company becomes a RIOS™ member, and each facility identified in the signed License Agreement becomes a RIOS™ member facility.  ISC will provide electronically a licensed copy of the RIOS™ Documents and a certificate of RIOS™ membership for each RIOS™ member facility.  This certificate may be used as proof of RIOS™ membership for the identified facility.  RIOS™ membership is maintained in subsequent years by timely payment of the applicable annual RIOS fee(s) and compliance with the License Agreement.  A new RIOS™ membership certificate is issued after payment of the applicable annual RIOS™ fee for each continuing RIOS™ member facility.

To apply for RIOS™ membership for your facility(y)ies, please provide the information requested in the following sections. Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted by RIOS™ staff to arrange payment. Total cost of annual RIOS™ membership is listed below:

RIOS Membership Fees (Per Facility)

 Number of Facilities Affiliated Association, Non-Profit,
Standard RIOS™ Rate
 First Facility  $1,250  $2,500
 Facilities 2 - 5  $1,000  $2,000
 Facilities 6 - 10  $750  $1,500
 Facilities 11+  $500  $1,000
If you have any questions, please contact Darrell Kendall, RIOS™ Executive Director, at 202-662-8528 or


Please identify your facilities for RIOS™ membership in Section 3.

Is your organization a for-profit company?

Is the company a current member of ISRI?


Please identify your facilities below, even if one of them is identified in Section 1.  (For that facility, you may put “See Section 1”.)  If necessary, this page may be duplicated.

Facility # 1
Facility # 2
Facility # 3
Facility # 4
I agree to terms

I affirm that I have the authority to act on behalf of the company listed in section one, and submitting this application, am agreeing to RIOS™ membership. I acknowledge that RIOS™ staff will contact me regarding payment, which is to be made within two weeks of submitting this application.