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ShredderDischargeConveyorRecycling facilities are not alone in creating a healthier, safer, and more environmentally-responsible industry. Whether manufacturing more recyclable products, or supplying material to and buying material from facilities that have demonstrated a commitment to operating at the highest level, every link in the recycling chain has a role to play in strengthening the industry. It is imperative that everyone who is involved in recycling understands the importance of, and places priority on, safe and sustainable practices in any recycling facility.

By working with RIOS™ certified recycling facilities, you share in and reward that company’s commitment to healthy, safe and sustainable recycling.  When you collect recyclables, it is imperative that your material is contributing positively to the environment and to your community. The requirements placed on a facility that has implemented a RIOS™ QEHS management give you the confidence to know that you are accomplishing these goals.

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RIOS™ Provides Value

If your company supplies recyclable material to a recycling facility, or if you buy processed material from a recycling facility, RIOS™ certification should be a key consideration in your vendor selection process. Not only are you doing the right thing by supporting and rewarding facilities that have invested in the health and safety of their employees, and actively care for the well-being of the environment, but you are providing yourself with assurances around the processing of material.

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