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Become A RIOS™ Member


Membership to RIOS™ is the first step to getting on the path toward certification. By becoming a member, it highlights a facilities commitment to its employees’ health and safety, to environmental responsibility, and to being the best possible neighbor and business partner that they can be. RIOS™ membership provides the facility with everything that it needs to implement a RIOS™ management system.

Membership includes:

  1. A licensed copy of the RIOS™ Standard
  2. A copy of the RIOS™ Implementation Guide
  3. Proof of Active RIOS™ Membership- Required for certification
  4. Access to monthly webinars focused on RIOS™ Implementation, Best Practices, and Industry Updates
  5. Implementation training programs- Video Based
  6. Access to a community of likeminded recyclers dedicated to improving the industry

RIOS™ currently has members all over the world that have begun the process of implementing their management system and achieving certification. Contact us for more information about how to join RIOS™ and be part of a safer, more sustainable recycling industry, or if you're ready to get started complete our online application.