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scrap-craneThe recycling industry will play a vital role around the world. It is important that as an industry, recyclers operate in healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible way. The Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS™) is an integrated Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety management system implementation and certification program that helps recyclers ensure that they are meeting the highest standard in each of these areas. By setting guidelines, and developing implementation tools, templates, and trainings RIOS™ is raising the bar for responsible recycling all over the world. Find out how your company can begin the process of implementing and certifying to RIOS™.

Benefits of Certification

Choosing to pursue RIOS™ certification is an investment in your facility that will pay dividends for years to come. As an integrated standard, RIOS™ will have a positive impact across many areas within the facility. In addition to the very tangible improvements listed below, RIOS™ certification makes a facility significantly more marketable to suppliers and consumers, it strengthens the facilities relationships with all of its partners and stakeholders, and it makes the facility a stronger member of the community.

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The RIOS™ Standard

The RIOS™ Standard is the document that provides the framework and the rules for RIOS™ certification. Each section of the standard outlines specific requirements that a facility must meet in order to pass their audit and become certified. The RIOS™ standard is designed so that each requirement works seamlessly with the others to foster healthy, safe, sustainable recycling, along with consistent and high-quality production of material.

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Become A RIOS™ Member

Membership to RIOS™ is the first step to getting on the path toward certification. By becoming a member, it highlights a facilities commitment to its employees’ health and safety, to environmental responsibility, and to being the best possible neighbor and business partner that they can be. RIOS™ membership provides the facility with everything that it needs to implement a RIOS™ management system.

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The Certification Process

The process of obtaining RIOS™ certification may seem daunting at first, but following these 7 easy steps will simplify the entire experience, and get you on your way to gaining all of the benefits of certification.

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