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Originally called SCRAP3, RIOS was developed for recyclers by recyclers, and its roots go back as far as 2002. Since that time the standard has been adopted by hundreds of facilities in countries all over the globe.  Below is a brief timeline of the history of RIOS.

  • SCRAP3 is proposed to ISRI’s Operations Committee in July 2002 as a new recycler-specific certification program 
  • The newly created SCRAP3 Task Force decides to create ‎a QEH&S standard written in plain English for recyclers
  • After a contest seeking a new name for the program, SCRAP3 is renamed RIOS
  • The first version of RIOS is published in 2005
  • The First RIOS Train the Trainer ‎Training and beta RIOS Implementation Guide takes place in 2006
  • RIOS ran pilot programs in  2007 and 2008 to assist facilities of various sizes in the certification process
  • RIOS Certification Program was accredited by ANAB in 2009
  • The first RIOS and R2/RIOS facilities obtained certification in 2009
  • RIOS hired its first full-time staff member in 2013
  • The process of rewriting the original version of the standard began in 2014, and RIOS:2016 was published in November of 2016
  • The first facility was certified to RIOS:2016 in 2017
  • In 2021 RIOS signed a partnership agreement with SERI to offer RIOS at the Affiliate rate, a 50% discount.